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One of the rare nights where I am still awake and my princess is asleep. These past few weeks have been a bliss. After achieving our milestone in our relationship. I feel that we are as strong as ever, having to come so far in our relationship. It is just something heart warming about having someone to accompany you to sleep and to kiss you good morning through the phone every morning. I know that we may be busy throughout the day. But the little silly lunch time or break time text is the things that get us through the day. And the simple gestures we make daily to find ourselves of each other. That I think is trust and dedication to built sonethjbg, as a couple, to grow, as partner and ultimately, to achieve our life’a goal together as husband and wife, I know we will, in many years to come.

I am just so grateful that you are always understanding, although you may throw a little tantrum at first but ultimately you try to be accepting and understanding of my insensitive which is the source of your misery. I am trying to be better firstly baby. I am. Please please just beat with me :*

You have probably heard this a thousand times. But I am going to say it again. Marking the last day of of 1 year and 2 months together. I am just so glad and feel so blessed to have you this silly chipmunk back in my life :’)

Missing and loving you always. Your Eggy 😉


Written by Kiaos

June 29, 2015 at 10:56 pm

Posted in Life

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